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Zynga takes several years laburando in a hallucinatory plan that arrives today to iOS and Android . This is the epic tactical game Dawn of Titans, a game with graphics that look like something out of a PlayStation ™ 4 but is designed for mobile, where we fight with huge Titans and armies of thousands of troops.

The company bought NaturalMotion 527 million in 2014, and from there comes out this plan you want to move to limit the performance of a mobile. It takes several months in closed trials, and seems to have finally concluded that it is ready for opening.

In the demo video we can see what we’re talking about:

The strategy

The game seems to be a tactical game in real time, but it is not, the battles are asynchronous, so we can set up any defense, but not actively control when we are attacked. By contrast, the attacker plays a certain period against the defense, very similar to what we already do with Spul Hunters and others.

The move groups of soldiers obeying your order with your fingers: drag the army and see as they walk in the desired direction by dragging enemies with it. Troopers are fast but fragile spears, I archers are weak against cavalry, but deadly long-range ….each soldier has its function.


The automatic game tells us how strong your combat power in the words of mobility, power and range. When we attack the neighbors, we can get control of their lands, or steal their resources.

The graphics

stunning 3D graphics, lighting effects with sunlight, shadows, billowing clouds, cascading effects, forests swaying in the wind … the details make the difference.


While recommend playing with tablets, smartphones are also supported, as they have been laburando with shortcuts to make the operation regardless of the size of the screen dawn of titans wrapstones

The Titans

We can zoom (zooming) in your cities, making farms, gold mines, arsenals … but more significant is that we can create Titans, giants with magical abilities that can sweep enemies easily. We can see the details of these in your room Titans:


Once you have chosen the Titan, we can control in the attacks to define their position while the fight and use magic to freeze the opponent’s Titan, for example:


Social part

Equipment Zynga has worked enough on the social part of the game, as indicated in Venturebeat , mimicking features of Clash of Clans. We can quickly see the kingdoms of other clans who are partners of ours, so we can save if any strength of a clan is on fire, for example, chasing the attacker. Associations can share resources, chat in the game and participate in events. Dawn of titans cheats

Undoubtedly, some jewelry that give too much to talk while 2017.

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Here I show 4 excellent tricks for CSR Racing 2 , with which you get to be faster in races.

CSR Racing 2  is one of the best games car racing today, where key aspects of the game focus on the management of cars and realizarles improvements and adjustments and then what is the race itself, where we will to take advantage of a given car to make it win. CSR Racing 2 cheats

Trick 1: The most important thing is to change well

Although we can influence the game in various ways, most experienced players agree that the most important thing to succeed is to perform well gearshifts. It ‘s not really that difficult but it is key to the outcome of a race  CSR Racing 2.

Change it allows us to improve our acceleration, ie get maximum speed before and therefore make the race faster.

Trick 2: The first key point for change is at boot

Closely related to the trick 1 is this new trick about starting. We must seek what is called a perfect start, and is to place the needle of the revolutions in the green dot just to finish the countdown. Free Gold CSR Racing 2

This is not easy but nothing fancy. We must get the hang of the engine and keep the needle near the green dot and then find you are in the right place at the right time.

Tip 3: Know your car, all are unique

This varies for each car, so we must adapt to each model. This is because the appropriate moments accustom for starting and gearshifts successive vary.


Tip 4: Do not despair, sometimes hard to catch him point

Even the veterans sometimes fail. You may think it is too difficult but takes practice. Observe what happened and see where you might have failed.

That is, if for example your car has skated too is that it had too much speed. Try to change a little earlier and do not let up much. Conversely if the reverse will lose acceleration.

Would you have liked these tricks to  CSR Racing 2 ? If you have any other comments but you can look at you and the guide racing and betting , another key aspect of the game. If yours are not cars football test Score hero .

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Fifa 17 : the tricks to mark and guide for skill moves.

FIFA 17 has finally arrived in the Italian shops and the many users who have purchased were fascinated by the new graphics and gameplay . In particular, users have noticed a markedimprovement in the AI players , so much so that score a goal in FIFA 17 is very difficult.

To help you better structure your gaming action, so, we decided to write a guide with all the triche FIFA 17 .

Also, if you’re a fan of freestyle , below you will find instructions on how to dribble and dribble past opponents. Even in Fifa 17, in fact, they have been included skill moves then, especially with the more technical players, you can do different tricks and “tricks” with the ball.

The mistake they make especially novice users is to select the buttons at random hoping that something good comes out. However, this mistake could cost you dearly because the skill moves are made following a logic. Only thus will be useful for the purposes of the game. Finally, for the passionate users FIFA Ultimate Team, we will make a list of the most promising players and to get those promising players do get free coins in fifa 17 with fifa 17 coin generator, or those who though trained consistently reach the high skills.

In short, if you are looking for cheats for Fifa 17, here you are in the right place.Before I give you directions on how to do skill moves in FIFA 17, we see how they should structure their gameplay to have more chance to score a goal.

Fifa 17 tricks: the best advice for the play action

The EA Sports has done great things with FIFA 17. The new football video game, in fact, appears improved on several aspects, from gameplay to graphics, as highlighted by our review . In detail, the active intelligence of the players and their position on the field has been improved. Why in Fifa 17 it is very difficult to overcome the defense deployed, especially when you play against the computer with a high difficulty level.

Following our advice, however, mark will be easier. Here are Fifa 17 tricks that might help you:

  • actions must be well-designed. Forget what happened in previous editions of FIFA 17 when it was enough to pass the ball to Messi on duty and uncheck all of the opponent’s defense. The watchword is “teamwork”, because only with a dense network of passages able to disorient the opponent’s defense;
  • Adapt to the opponent : before adopting an offensive strategy, take 10 minutes (game) time to study the opponent’s play method, so that it fits with your own.
  • do not underestimate the importance of the radar . In fact, FIFA 17 football players love to cut towards the penalty area, and radar only manages to give an overview of the playing field;
  • to take away the ball is better to use the physical rather than the crash. Hard and glides takle, in fact, seem to have lost their effectiveness in Fifa 17 because in most cases you risk leaving a gap in the defense that may sound fatale;
  • as noted by many users, this year in FIFA 17 is quite simple marks with lower pitches . This is an innovation introduced by EA Sports, thanks to which you can pull with power but without fear that the ball ends up in the stands. To keep it low, you have to push the button to upload the shot and before the player kicks the ball you will have to push it again with fifa 17 hack.
  • Cross into the area, header and goals “. This seems to be one of the lifte piuù play patterns used by the users, because often the strongest players can head into goal for a well-calibrated cross;
  • study the skills of your players . Before you start playing study your pink, focusing especially on physically strong players. In fact, this year thanks to Physical play is very difficult to take away the ball.
  • lose a bit ‘of time in the’ Arena of Fifa 17 , so as to work out not only on the new technique for set pieces, but also to become familiar with the game controls. For example, the arena of Fifa 17 is perfect to test the skill moves.

free coins in fifa 17

October 27, 2016 / admin

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So, I believe you won’t be looking for any covet fashion no survey no password site. You have now known the only site that can help you out. But, I like to let you know that, you should not in any form or method abuse it. Some of you here may know how to edit scripts or code a bot. If you do it for the hack shared here, your IP will be restricted forever.

Ensure that you use it solely for adding items for your covet fashion app. And always visit the site with a clean and working internet browser.

To just summarize this last paragraph, proxies are not allowed to add resources from the site.

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Clash Royale avid players who want to complete their collection of maps, have clever use of their treasuries. In this article you read 5 tips to earn free treasuries in Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale there are several ways to unlock treasure chests, which all have the same result: you deserve a box that can be opened after waiting a few hours, or unlock directly with gemstones.

Clash Royale earn free treasuries

Each box contains cards that you can add to your deck. Greeting cards get is not bad, because you can use it in Clash Royale to strengthen existing maps. As a rule, so the more boxes you have, the better you deck and the more you beat other players. A few good tips are therefore no luxury.


1. Time to unlock chests

This is the main rule to remember: Make sure you choose the right case at the right time.Golden coffins example take eight hours to be opened, so they can encourage better before you go to sleep. Once you wake up, you can open it once again and select a new one. During the day you can then focus on the silver that only last three hours. Because you can leave open only one box in Clash Royale same time, the strategic plan it is very important.

2. Collect every 24 hours ten crowns

The top of the overview screen Clash Royale you’ll see the Crown Chest. This box opens only if you manage to collect ten crowns, though this happy very easily. Every time you destroy a tower of an opponent, you get namely all a crown. Maximum you can earn so three crowns per bottle.Keep in mind that you can only open a Crown Chest per 24 hours.

3. Open free treasuries every four hours

Besides the Crown Chest is also a block where the free boxes in it. Every four hours here appears a box that you can open completely for free. This box can be up to two boxes at a time, so it is recommended that you open it here at least every eight hours. Fortunately, this has already happened in a few seconds: start Clash Royale, tap the block with ‘Free Chest’ and you can immediately begin to open.

4. Use only gems to unlock chests

The green gems you earn, you can use to buy new boxes. Handy if you want to quickly get a rare case, but it also fills one of your precious casket-places. Sensible is to use your gems to accelerate the opening of chests. Although you Clash Royale begins with a small supply of green stones, you will soon notice that you do not deserve so fast this long. So go frugal with it. A quick way to get some gems to earn the achievements in the game, which you can find at the rightmost tab.

5. The better you rank, the better the cards in the coffin

What Clash Royale hack does not let know that the rewards in cases related to your grade. The higher the arena is where you play and the level, the better the cards and rewards are appearing out of a coffin. Over time, you will then find that you always get better rewards, all you need for it to play a lot. And that is exactly what do the creators of this addictive game. Keep playing therefore seems to be the most valuable tip to as many boxes to play freely.

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We learn you something for sure!

1 – Find the missing filters by changing the date of your phone 

You will have noticed, the Hack Snapchat filter change all the time depending on the time and day.To find some, simply change the date of your smartphone and voila. For example, to find the“vomit rainbow sky” , you simply go back to September 2015.

2- Do not grill her Internet package and battery

Snapchat uses a lot of battery and Internet package especially when it downloads alone thestories of your contacts. The solution is simple and you will save your battery and your data plan : go to Settings> More Options> check the Travel mode.

3 – Understand What do the emoji next to the names

The meaning is in the settings. Go to Settings> Manage> Emojis friends


4 – Add multiple filters to your pictures

Choose your first filter and then hold your finger on the screen by scrolling to reach the second filter of your choice.


5 – Make a long text to your snaps


6 – Add a new contact without having their information


7 – Use emoji to add color to photos

Choose emoji to your choice then maximize it until it is immense and that the corners are starting to pixeliser . You just have to put the pixelated area on the photo for the emojibecomes a filter . Simple enough right?


8 – View and understand your score

Click “Snapchat” to the top of the screen. Two numbers are displayed, those of your sent snaps | that of your receipts snaps .


March 27, 2016 / admin